About Us

Rob Van Petten at EP Levine’s Exposure Place Studio


Rob Van Petten - Host of Big Shot Workshops  - What I’ve learned from years of teaching is simply how we learn.  We need the practical instruction –  the lesson about getting the meter  in the middle by adjusting the F stops and the shutter speeds.  That’s the instruction.  That can be tedious.  We also need inspiration – the motivation that drives us to suffer through a manual or memorize the menu.

The bigger part of learning is the inspiration.  It energizes our learning and ignites our imagination. We need the cool fuel that keeps us carrying the camera and generating the will to move through what we are obligated to learn.

Learning is easier when we are passionate to discover something new.  That passion can come from seeing great images and hearing accomplished photographers speak about creative process and their own personal vision.

Big Shot Workshops is dedicated to providing the best and most inspiring seminars and workshops to help you learn every aspect of the digital photography workflow.  Be inspired.  Learn from the best.  Make better pictures.  Most of all have fun with photography.  Ultimately the greatest inspiration is when we push ourselves, and accomplish something even beyond our own expectations.



EP Levine is New England’s premier resource for all photographers, professional or at any level of expertise.  Beyond the extensive retail facility, EP Levine offers equipment rentals, big beautiful studio spaces, gallery space and a staffed Digital Lab for demonstration, and DIY printing & scanning.   Our experienced, knowledgeable staff and all the facilities for the serious photographer make this an ideal venue for the Big Shot Workshops.

Photo education is an important part of what EP Levine offers.  The partnership with Rob Van Petten and The Big Shot Workshops is a logical culmination of many years of shared professional experience and a desire to bring the best of that experience to Boston and beyond.