Don’t take our word for it

Here’s what a few of our attendees had to say about our photography workshops.

“Always down to earth, unpretentious, and very approachable.”

That was a great seminar last night.   (Cliff Mautner)  You definitely bring in the right kind of guys for us newbies to learn from.  Always down to earth, unpretentious, and very approachable.  

Kris Dobbins


“Of course the hands on part of the workshop was the most valuable. I was 150% satisfied with my experience”

The workshop was terrific.  It energized me and it was great to meet Cherie and Hedley.  The program was professional.  I loved Cherie’s lecture style, unassuming, but powerful and direct with strategic humor dispersed.  Hedley, was so warm and approachable and just a pleasure to talk with in a collaborative way.  Of course the hands on part of the workshop was the most valuable. I was 150% satisfied with my experience.

Nothing beats learning by doing.  You have a good thing going here and should feel very proud of your Big Shot programs.

Kenneth Larsen


“Registration and Paypal were great”

Website was good, Registration and Paypal were great. The level of material covered was definitely helpful to my growth and further understanding of the digital photo process.

Michael Chernaik


“Worth every penny!”

The Bobbi Lane Event was excellent.  Reinforced and expanded my knowledge in a creative way.   Inspired me to try new lighting techniques. … liked the more intimate feel of the studio. …worth every penny! 

Marilyn Martin


“Looking forward to your next speakers”

It was good to see how Tom visualized the shot and placed himself to get the photo. It was impressive to see how his shutter timing was perfect every time to “nail” the rider at the peak of action in every shot he took. Looking forward to your next speakers. It was a great idea to preorder the lunches.  Yes, I liked the real “live” demonstrations showing us how even the “Pros” have problems which must be resolved on the spot.

Leandra MacLellan


“Small classes are really nice”

Lots of good info, small classes are really nice.

Russ Shleipman


“One of my favorite workshops to date!”

One of my favorite workshops to date!  The workshop agenda was on target.  Keep doing what you are doing!

Linda Petersen


“Had a great time!”

Love Levine’s studio!  Had a great time.

Mark Mantalos


It was perfect

It was great—and I loved having lunch included.  It was perfect.  The key is to get fabulous instructors like Bobbi Lane. 

Jacqueline Phillips


I enjoyed this event immensely!!!

I enjoyed this event immensely!!!  The description described the day to a “t”.  I had a really fun day.  Everyone was welcoming.  I intended to come for a couple hours and stayed the day.  A mini vacation!

Carol Fizer


Workshop was perfect

 I enjoyed it very much.  Workshop was perfect.

Rocco Coviello

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